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Suburas Safe Security Door (SD-60MM) (2.3/8")

Suburas Safe Security Door (SD-60MM) (2.3/8")
Door Type Single Door
Finishing Painted with one tone high quality paint.
Lock Type Secured by one high Security keylock and three wheel combination lock capable of providing 1,000,000 combination variation.
Material Matrixite
Size (External Dimension)
Size (Internal Dimension)
SHIPPING DIMENSION IL224S mm x WI255 mm x H445 mm
Approximate Nett weight 600 kgs
Usage In Financial institutions, jewellers, pawnshops and other end users

Vault Door

  • In todays business, there is a increasing need to provide burglary protection for a limited amount of cash as well as protection for records against fire.
  • Attacks using Oxy-Acetylene cutting equipment are now the most common methods of burglary attacks on safes and strongroom doors. Doors of mild steel construction, be it 1" or2" in thickness are vulnerable and offer no defence against such attacks.
  • As a result, we have designed and developed the 50mm tourch and drill resistance security door. this type of security door provides proven resistance to burglary attacks using Mechanical and Hand Tools, Oxy-Acetylene cutters, High speed drills and fire.


  • The overall protective barrier is 50mm thick. The body is robustly constructed with specially formulated proofing material called 'Matrixite' to offer proven resistance against hand and mechanical tools and oxy-acetylene torch.


  • The solid door slab is made up of inner and outer steel plate firmly rimmed and welded together to form a single structure. The space in-between filled with a special antipeneffation barrier. This specially formulated composite offers effective resistance to both fire and burglary attacks using Hand and Mechanical Tools, and Oxy-Acetylene cutting apparatus and high speed steel drills.


  • Secured by one high security keylock and three wheel combination lock capable of providing 1,000,00 combination variation

Chasis :

  • The door is mounted to a solid chassis by heavy duty pivots allowing for verical adjustment.

Finish :

  • Painted with one tone high quality paint


  • One way moving boltwork to the front with fixed rebate at the hinge side. 6 (six) moving bolts are chromed of 32mm in Diameter and will engage behind the solid interlocking rebate of the frame when is in locked position.


  • One dead re-locking device is strategically incorporated in system which will jam up the boltwork system during the attempted attacks..


  • To provide an additional measure of daytime security and ventilation of the strongroom during the day when the door is in open position, a grille gate carl be fitted with door as a option. Robustly constructed from mild steel hollow section and secured by 2 keylocks. It is available in one tone painted finish..

Additional Information:

Item Code: Suburas Safe Security Door (SD-60MM)

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