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Suburas Safe Emergency Breathing Tube Type ET


  • It is not an uncommon occurrence for a person to be accidentally locked inside a vault. There have been also many cases when bank employees and even customers have been deliberately locked inside by armed bandits when robbing abank.
  • A vault, when it is closed is virtually airtight which means that over a period of time a person or person locked inside could suffocate through lack of oxygen, This situation is compounded if the vault door is secured by a timelock and the Occurence coincides with a weekend or public holiday.
  • Analysis the problem. Suburas safe services sdn bhd., have designed an emergency breathing tube intended for bookrooms or record vaults, which allow Air to filter into the vault without comromising security.
  • This simple a breathing tube adjustable for a wall thicknes of 6",9",12" or 150mm, 225mm, 305mm it comprises a heavy metal tube complete with Fixing Jugs, having an internal diameter of 3" inside of which is a solid removable core or plug.
  • The solid core is fitted with a handle on the inside and is locked into position by a 1" diameter steel pin. The core, handle and pin are chromium plated and therefore anticorrosive.
  • The inside face plate, which is 7" in diameter, is adjustable to suit the wall thickness and is also chromium plated. to allow air through the breathing tube. pull out the steel pin locking the solid, cors and remove by means of a handle. The aperture is sufficiently large through which water and food can pass.
  • Additional Information:

    Item Code: Emergency Breathing Tube Type ET

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