Commercial Series

Commercial Series

Product Details: Suburas Safe- Commercial Safe
Door Type Single Door
Finishing Coated
Lock Type Three wheel keyless combination lock and a 7 lever key lock
Material Matrixite
Size (External Dimension) 650mm (25.6")Height 525mm(20.7") Width 550mm(21.7") Depth
Size (Internal Dimension) 500mm(19.7")Height 375mm(14.8")Width 354mm(13.9") Depth
Approximate Shipping Dimension 813mm (42") X 584 (23") X 660mm (66")
Approximate Nett weight 350 kg (770 lb)
Size (External Dimension) 882mm(34.75") 620mm(24.75")668mm(26.3") Depth
Size (Internal Dimension) 710mm(28")Height 457mm(18")Width 333mm(21") Depth
Approximate Shipping Dimension 1016mm(40") X 685mm(26") X 762mm(30")
Approximate Nett weight 575 kg (1265 lb)
Size (External Dimension) 1087mm (42.75") Height 705mm (27.75")Width 719mm(28.3") Depth
Size (Internal Dimension) 915mm(36")Height 533mm(21")Width 584mm(23") Depth
Approximate Shipping Dimension 1219mm(48") X 762mm(30") X 813mm(32")
Approximate Nett weight 845 kg (1859 lb)
Size (External Dimension) 1672mm(65.82")Height 705mm(27.75")Width 871mm(34.3") Depth
Size (Internal Dimension) 1500mm(53")Height 533mm(21")Width 642mm(25.3") Depth
Approximate Shipping Dimension 1804mm(71") X 762mm(30") X 965mm(38")
Approximate Nett weight 1250 kg (2750 lb)
Usage In Retail outlets, Business houses and other end users for keeping limited amounts of cash, valuables and documents

Commercial Series

  • All the models in this range are designed and built to offer resistance against fire and burglaries. They are ideally recommended to suit the requirement of retail outlets, business houses and other end users for keeping limited amounts of cash, valuables and documents.


  • It is constructed of special high-density proofing material encased in steel to offer proven resistance against oxyacetylene and conventional tools attack.

Locking Mechanism

  • The standard locking system for this series is a three wheel combination lock and a 7 lever keylock. In addition, deadlock device is incorporated to jam up the boltwork mechanism if forcible attacks are made on the door and the locks. It is a three(3) way moving boltwork with front, top and bottom locking bolts and the hinge side being solid interlocking rebate. An anti-punch device is designed and constructed on the mechanism.


  • The door is press-formed with the lockcase as an integral part of the door structure, encasing massive specially reinforced material against drills, oxyacetylene attacks and mechanical tools. Special steel bars are incorporated to further strengthen the barrier material.

Internal Fitting

  • All units are supplied with adjustable shelf and lockable drawer.

Product Size And Finish

  • All models are available in one tone light grey finish.

Additional Information:

Item Code: Commercial series


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